Looking to demystify your data? Just ask Advisor.

Perfection requires the ability to make improvements. To make improvements, you must have the best tools to analyze the data at your disposal, as well as the ability to act on that analysis. Keeping a watchful eye on your company’s inventory, working capital and lagging & leading KPIs, Advisor assesses the big picture and predicts which decisions you should take to yield the best results. Unlike conventional systems, Getron Advisor is in constant contact with your data and can translate trend lines into action.


  • Keeping a constant eye on your required replenishment levels, Advisor will help make sure you’ve got the right amount of the right product in the right place … at the right time.
  • Advisor will make recommendations not only for DC-to-store and inter-store replenishment, but can also project when store-to-DC shipments are necessary.
  • Advisor keeps you up to date on which products need to be reordered, and when.
  • By analyzing your big data, Advisor can easily identify which products should be delisted.


  • Advisor will propose discount rates and discount durations for the products you need to move, and assess the relative success of every sale and promotional campaign.
  • Advisor will help find the optimum price point for each of your SKUs, product by product, enhancing profits and maximizing your bottom line.
  • Problems with a product or branch exhibiting unexpected behavior or  unpredictable sales patterns?  Advisor will supply a diagnosis and propose a range of solutions.


  • Advisor will let you know which sales quotas should be assigned to each sales unit, product by product, location by location.
  • Finding the right combination of product and location is crucial to sales in both current and newer stores. Advisor aligns SKUs with their ideal stores, closing supply gaps and maximizing sales potential.


Advisor’s insights are founded on

  • Time Series Forecasting
  • Business Diagnostics and
  • Soft Segmentation

These services can also be tasked to work for you, based on your company’s specific needs.

The Technology Behind Getron Advisor

Getron Advisor – GAD has been designed as a platform for cloud based services, it naturally has a distributed architecture and runs on Microsoft Azure.

GAD is able to manage huge amount of data and several customer requests simultaneously thanks to its two core component developed by Getron.

Getron Process Management Engine GPME is a predictive process manager service which has been developed to automate all Advisor work flows on cloud platforms. GPME is responsible to orchestrate all ETL and computing Advisor work flows. It manages all customer tasks by calculating required cloud resources based on work load predictions. According to this calculations and process management orchestration, Getron Advisor could be easily scaled to customer requirements automatically.

Getron TimeSeriesDB –  GTSDB is an in-memory layer runs on database engines to store data in Advisor Data Structure – ADS (a unique data structure format developed by Getron) format and as a time series data. With ADS, Getron Advisor has privilege to use time series data natively for its computational intelligence, data quality and machine learning algorithms.

Thanks to GTSDB and ADS, 3. Party raw data is transformed to smart data and stored very compactly.  GTSDB has also built in Azure SQL Services support.

The Intelligence Behind Getron Advisor

Parallel to the development in technology, companies started gathering more data about their customers, and employees. So, the access to big data has changed the game for small and large businesses alike.  Nowadays, companies can access specific information about employees and customers, helping fine tune marketing and sales, and drive increased ROI.  As a result, better data analysis enables companies to optimize everything in the value chain from sales to order delivery, to optimal store hours.

For precise recommendations, Getron advises uses the benefits of machine learning, computational intelligence and artificial intelligence algorithms. In addition to conventional Descriptive Analytics, which use data aggregation and data mining techniques to provide insight into the past and answer “What has happened?”, and Diagnostic Analytics used for discovery or to determine “why something happened?”, Getron Advisor utilizes the advanced analytics, which are Predictive and Prescriptive, is mandatory.

Predictive Analytics, which use statistical models and forecasts techniques to understand the future and answer: “What could happen?”. Prescriptive Analytics, which use optimization and simulation algorithms to advice on possible outcomes and answer: “What should we do?”

Predictive analytics are about understanding the future, so it provides companies with actionable insights based on data. Predictive analytics can be used throughout the organization, from forecasting customer behavior and purchasing patterns to identifying trends in sales activities. They also help forecast demand for inputs from the supply chain, operations and inventory.