Find out if your company is AI ready

Getron Services is a ready-to-use, data-oriented, cloud-native inventory planning, management and optimization solution.

It essentially outsources the day-to-day decision-making processes of its clients to its internal AI and ML algorithms, resulting in virtually complete automation and less reliance on the traditional, error-prone methods of human instinct and intuitive vagaries across the supply chain.

Do you have an ERP  solution and keep your historical data of your supply chain?

Do the products have a unique code?

Do the locations (warehouses, distribution centers, stores, vendors, customer codes) have a unique code?

In the product hierarchy, do all products have definitions?

Do you have historical daily sales, stock and return data for each SKU and location?

Do you have the sales data of minimum last two (2) years?

Do you have the historical prices of the products and the campaigns you did?

If your answer is “YES!” to the questions above, then please fill the form below to explore ways to benefit Getron Services.

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