Getron PBD - Predictive Business Diagnostics

KPI-based Product & Store Analysis

Multi-KPI based predictive diagnosis automation and oversight with the interactive dashboard & comprehensive reports.

Getron PBD can review overall KPI insights and provides a kind of mirror through which clients can analyze their business so as to assess the impact of Getron Services.


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Main Features

  • Multi-KPI based Business Diagnosis

  • Data Analyses, Visualizations, and Insights

  • Getron Web Application & Mass Customization Interface

Sub Features

Multi-KPI based Business Diagnosis

  • Computation of lagging and leading KPIs
  • Multi-KPI computation at different location and product hierarchy
  • Assigning target KPIs and following up to date KPI values
  • 20+ automated KPI computing at each data cycle
  • User interface providing decision makers also with written textual explanations about the multi-KPIs
  • Product and location segmentation-based business insights

Sub Features

Data Analysis, Visualizations, and Insights

  • Dynamic dashboards and visualizations with Microsoft Power BI technology
  • Seasonal postmortem insights at the end of each season at line and location levels
  • Continuous comparisons of planned versus actual figures
  • Drilling down to multi-KPIs at time-location-product dimensions

Sub Features

Getron Web Application & Mass Customization Interface

  • Managing the business rules and policies of your supply chain operations with no-code
  • Supervising the fundamental configurations and parameters of Getron Services
  • Role & permission management for all layers
  • Data visualization & Service Insights
  • Direct integration of Getron Services’ work orders to customer ERP
  • Access to raw data, time series data and data management panel

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