Getron ARE - Action Recommended Entities

Optimizing Markdown, Repeat Purchasing & Delisting

Manages products' dynamic pricing, optimal warehouse quantities and delisting recommendations through AI algorithms.

Getron ARE optimizes the price levels to increase the demand for slow moving items and provides the right stock levels.


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Main Features

  • Warehouse Inventory Optimization Management 

  • Order Quantity Management

  • Lead Time Computing

  • Price Optimization

  • Getron Web Application & Mass Customization Interface

Sub Features

Warehouse Inventory Optimization Management

  • Maintaining minimum (safety) stock levels
  • Computing optimal purchase work order quantities
  • Ability to manage optimal stock level of products with irregular demand via Order Fill Rate
  • Optimization based on order/sales data, in-transit stock, open order (backorder), and supply time
  • Correcting the impact of products with extreme demand and those in campaigns
  • Multi-warehouse support

Sub Features

Order Quantity Management

  • Creation of purchase work orders that comply with the defined transportation unit (bag quantity, parcel etc.)
  • Defining minimum and maximum order quantities
  • Order quantity optimization based on order and stock retention costs
  • Limiting order quantities by product price
  • Product segment/rank identification and brand-based management
  • Assigning the target KPIs at any level of the product hierarchy

Sub Features

Lead Time Computing

  • Determining the supply time through historical order data sets
  • Setting lead time based on different logistics strategies such as highway/airway
  • Assigning minimum and maximum lead time limits

Sub Features

Price Optimization

  • Demand forecasting-driven price optimization for slow-moving items
  • Discount/Campaign optimization and recommendation based on gross margin, revenue, or destocking strategies
  • Sales-targeted price optimization within the planned product life cycle
  • Optimal price level recommendation based on the customer price architecture
  • Management of the terminal stock for campaign recommendations
  • Modelling elasticity of demand & promotional campaigns

Sub Features

Getron Web Application & Mass Customization Interface

  • Managing the business rules and policies of your supply chain operations with no-code
  • Supervising the fundamental configurations and parameters of Getron Services
  • Role & permission management for all layers
  • Data visualization & Service Insights
  • Direct integration of Getron Services’ work orders to customer ERP
  • Access to raw data, time series data and data management panel

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