In the scope of Getron PST service, warehouse-to-store, store-to-store and even vendor-to-store replenishment operations are automated to increase the revenue and gross margin by inventory optimization work orders.
Getron’s unique Demand-Forecasting Engine generates a demand forecast for each SKU at each location for a forecast horizon. Then, Getron PST service tracks all locations and generates a Location-Product Pattern (also known as product-listing) which matches the right product to the right location. Once such a pattern has been established, Getron PST service runs an optimization algorithm to provide directly the right and optimal Replenishment work orders.

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Main Features

  • Order Collection
  • Order Workflow Management
  • Order Integration with Company ERP Software
  • Order Replenishment and Distribution
  • Shipment Notification

Sub Features

Order Collection

  • Third party order integration with Getron Order EDI format
  • Placing orders via Web Application
  • Placing orders with batch files (in Getron UI EDI format)
  • Quick order placing with templates
  • Restrict order quantities by Transportation Unit definitions (amount in transport unit, box etc.

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