Getron PSP - Prescriptive Supply Planning

Supply Planning & Optimization

Performs demand driven supply planning with a long-term focus, based on financial cycles.

Getron PSP relies directly on Getron's multi-model demand-forecasting engine which allows for comparing what-if scenarios.


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Main Features

  • Sales Area Forecasting

  • Sales Planning

  • Managing Inventory at DC(s) & Warehouse(s)

  • Getron Web Application & Mass Customization Interface

Sub Features

Sales Area Forecasting

  • Monthly based financial forecasting
  • Forecasting at product and product group levels
  • Forecasting by using sell-in and/or sell-out data
  • Multi-model forecasting mechanism
  • Defining/Determining effects of special offers/discounts and calendar events
  • Manually adding external effects to the demand forecasts

Sub Features

Sales Planning 

  • Monthly based financial forecasting at distributor/channel levels
  • Generating optimal sales plan by using sales area forecasts with respect to budget target
  • Estimating distributors’ forward stock cover
  • Estimating budget realization for the rest of the financial year with respect to revised sales plans

Sub Features

Managing Inventory at DC(s) & Warehouse(s) 

  • Estimating company warehouse inventory for the rest of the financial year
  • Estimating forward stock cover of the company warehouse(s)
  • Supply planning and automated revision of repeat purchasing/production
  • Management of purchase limitations and lead times from vendors
  • Supply planning with respect to elasticity of demand

Sub Features

Getron Web Application & Mass Customization Interface 

  • Managing the business rules and policies of your supply chain operations with no-code
  • Supervising the fundamental configurations and parameters of Getron Services
  • Role & permission management for all layers
  • Data visualization & Service Insights
  • Direct integration of Getron Services’ work orders to customer ERP
  • Access to raw data, time series data, and data management panel

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