Scalable AI solutions from to SBEs to enterprises

Getron Solutions tap a range of industries, mainly retail, healthcare and manufacturing. Our mass-customizable products allow companies have their ROI in just two months regardless of their size.

  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing

Increasing Number of Points of Sales

Getron Solutions can help you with your vendor-warehouse-store operations by digitalizing and automating them.

Better and Explainable Decisions

Integrated explainable AI into Getron Services lead our customers to better and more precise decision-making compared to conventional methods. 

Digitally Transforming Companies

Getron Services support decision makers of digitally transforming companies by optimizing, managing, and making sense of data. 

Demand Forecasting and KPIs

When your supply chain operations are no longer manageable with human resources Getron Services align with your KPIs, automatize your processes, & provide you with more time. 

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