What is unique in Getron Services?

Getron Services is the only AI solution in Supply Chain Management to deliver proven results in just 2 weeks. 

Get fast ROI in two months.

Why Wait? AI, Now!

High capability of adaptation via Mass Customization Interface.

No need for a dedicated in-house data science team!


We liberate AI in Supply Chain Management

Scalable from SMB companies to enterprises.

No need for long-term IT projects. You can start using Getron Services regardless of your company size.


Transform Data into xAI-Based Actions

Start using cloud-native Getron Services now to automate your daily inventory management, planning and optimization.

Explainable AI (xAI) - Workorders explaining the "Why?"

Hit the 5-Rs of supply chain!

Start placing the right amounts of the right products, at the right place, on the right time, with the right price.

Provided and supported with 20 years of experience.

(Prescriptive Stock Transactions)

AI-powered holistic inventory planning, management & optimization service.

Getron PST provides stock movement work orders from warehouses & suppliers to stores and inter-stores including online stores.


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(Action Recommended Entities)

Manages products' dynamic pricing, optimal warehouse quantities and delisting recommendations through AI algorithms.

Getron ARE optimizes the price levels to increase the demand for slow moving items and provides the right stock levels.


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(Predictive Business Diagnostics)

Multi-KPI based predictive diagnosis automation and oversight with the interactive dashboard & comprehensive reports.

Getron PBD has the ability to review overall KPI insights, and to assess the impact of Getron Services to provides a kind of mirror through which clients can analyze their business.


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(Prescriptive Supply Planning)

Performs demand driven supply planning with a long term focus, based on financial cycles.

Getron PSP relies directly on Getron's multi-model demand-forecasting engine which allows for comparing what-if scenarios.


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(Order Management & Planning)

Seamlessly collects & orchestrates order management and planning business workflows.

Getron OMP generates AI-powered demand quantity recommendations to increase related KPIs including fill-rates.


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Voice of

Murat Bostan
Product Management Manager, Civil Magazacilik

“Getron Services allow us to automate stock transactions including warehouses/vendors-to-store and store-to-store transfers, which has resulted in a 30% increase in stock turnover rate and a 5% increase in profits. Tasks that previously took three people 11 hours are now finished by one person in 30 minutes. Placing the right products, at the right place and on the right time has freed us up to dedicate more energy and manpower to our product and procurement strategies.”

Hüseyin Deveci
Merchandise Planning and Logistics Director, Greyder

Prior to using Getron Services, our sales and transfer operations were handled using historical sales data. Now, these operations are being managed by the computed demand forecast data, even allowing us to use flexible parameters to create custom rules for the data. Thanks to this flexibility, Getron Services have reclaimed invaluable time and eliminated long working hours needed for transfer operations. This lets us work more efficiently and swiftly, adjusting faster to the seasonal conditions which are critical for our company.

Brigitta Kippak
Chief Operating Officer, Baltika Group

“With a heritage of nearly a century, Baltika has a long tradition of creative collaboration. Our partnership with Getron dates to 2018; global events since then have been turbulent, with Baltika going through structural revisions even before the outbreak of the pandemic. But working with AI-powered Getron Services, we were able to automate our supply chain transactions, leading to a 12% increase in product availability and service levels above 92% in brick and mortar. Required manpower and work hours have decreased by 80%, allowing us to channel energy for new projects and innovation elsewhere. Despite lockdowns and other restrictions, Getron Services helped us recalibrate our position for the post-pandemic era!”

Melis Gürsoy
Supply Chain Group Manager, Temsa Is Makinalari

“For our digitalization project plans as Temsa İş Makinaları, we met Getron in 2019. Thanks to the ARE service offered by Getron, we have learned that in addition to facilitating the ordering processes and ARE service can also increase our visibility in the supply chain. We have also succeeded in simplifying spare parts ordering processes for Volvo Trucks by immediately incorporating ARE service into our inventory process. Those improvements also add value to our efficiency and support our digitalization transferences. In a short time, we achieved the targeted product availability improvement. At the same time, we made reasonable improvements by increasing our service levels and we run our business periods with more accurate data and much faster than previously. Getron support team contains well-educated people. And with their efforts, we are obviously on board 24/7 and implementation periods finalized in such a short period.”

Why Wait?
AI, Now!