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Transform Data into xAI-Based Actions

Start using cloud-native Getron Services now to automate your daily inventory management, planning and optimization.

Explainable AI (xAI) - Workorders explaining the "Why?"

Getron Services represents the Getron AI-powered product family for merchandising, inventory & supply management, planning, optimization, and pricing via applicable work orders.

Getron Services: Your Data & AI Enabler

  • Reduce lost revenue & dead inventory via SKU-level demand forecasting
  • Optimize your inventory via replenishment, allocation, and alike stock transfer work orders
  • Increase availability with optimum product assortment & consolidated fragmentation
  • Strengthen your decision-making & maximize revenue by optimized markdown/discounts, repeat purchasing/manufacturing & delisting
  • Master your KPI insights
  • Optimize & automate your supply planning and management
  • Manage & collect orders from third parties
  • Act on actionable recommendations & insights by forecasting cost, demand & pricing simultaneously and decide on the best action by switching between what-if scenarios or setting your target margin
  • Mass Customization Interface & 365 days of Customer Success support 



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Voice of

Fatoş Yakut
Head of Retail Buying & Merchandise, hummel Europe South

"Getron Services project is one of the great milestones for our company. We decided on Getron’s AI automation service, Getron PST as it allows for tracking each store and each SKU. Both Getron and hummel project teams have the utmost support and collaboration from all store managers throughout the project. Now we have the stock transaction work orders ready for us, based on demand driven forecasts. The right quantities of the right products are on the right places at the right time – one of the most crucial operations in retail. Managing it precisely with AI, the dead inventory has been decreasing and product availability is increasing, which are being followed by increase in revenue. Getron PST has been a real AI navigator and we had such a smooth, pleasant, and fun process so we have already begun to discuss how we can implement more Getron Services."

Erdal Bozok
Sales & Marketing Director, İzocam

“Getron PRIX has been a true game-changer for us. Just like other manufacturers in various industries operating internationally, our challenge was to keep up with the fast-changing competition, rising costs, and the global crises in economy and SCM. Incorporating multiple variables such as demand forecasting, cost of factor, inflation, currency exchange, price elasticity, and such, Getron PRIX has become a major player in our team not only by giving us suggestions but also allowing us to compare between what-if scenarios. The price suggestions are explained with the underlying rationale, which provides you with insight. Shifting between scenarios, or setting a target margin, we have been able to respond proactively to changing trends and demand, make more precise pricing which naturally drives more profit. Using Getron Prix has given us a significant edge over our global competition. And as Getron says in their motto, it is definitely “AI made easy”.

Melis Gürsoy
Supply Chain Group Manager, Marubeni Dagıtım ve Servis A.S.

“For our digitalization project plans as Temsa İş Makinaları (Marubeni Dağıtım ve Servis), we met Getron in 2019. Thanks to the ARE service offered by Getron, we have learned that in addition to facilitating the ordering processes and ARE service can also increase our visibility in the supply chain. We have also succeeded in simplifying spare parts ordering processes for Volvo Trucks by immediately incorporating ARE service into our inventory process. Those improvements also add value to our efficiency and support our digitalization transferences. In a short time, we achieved the targeted product availability improvement. At the same time, we made reasonable improvements by increasing our service levels and we run our business periods with more accurate data and much faster than previously. Getron support team contains well-educated people. And with their efforts, we are obviously on board 24/7 and implementation periods finalized in such a short period.”

Hüseyin Deveci
Merchandise Planning and Logistics Director, Greyder

"Prior to using Getron Services, our sales and transfer operations were handled using historical sales data. Now, these operations are being managed by the computed demand forecast data, even allowing us to use flexible parameters to create custom rules for the data. Thanks to this flexibility, Getron Services have reclaimed invaluable time and eliminated long working hours needed for transfer operations. This lets us work more efficiently and swiftly, adjusting faster to the seasonal conditions which are critical for our company."

Brigitta Kippak
Chief Operating Officer, Baltika Group

“With a heritage of nearly a century, Baltika has a long tradition of creative collaboration. Our partnership with Getron dates to 2018; global events since then have been turbulent, with Baltika going through structural revisions even before the outbreak of the pandemic. But working with AI-powered Getron Services, we were able to automate our supply chain transactions, leading to a 12% increase in product availability and service levels above 92% in brick and mortar. Required manpower and work hours have decreased by 80%, allowing us to channel energy for new projects and innovation elsewhere. Despite lockdowns and other restrictions, Getron Services helped us recalibrate our position for the post-pandemic era!”

Murat Bostan
Product Management Manager, Civil Magazacılık

“Getron Services allow us to automate stock transactions including warehouses/vendors-to-store and store-to-store transfers, which has resulted in a 30% increase in stock turnover rate and a 5% increase in profits. Tasks that previously took three people 11 hours are now finished by one person in 30 minutes. Placing the right products, at the right place and on the right time has freed us up to dedicate more energy and manpower to our product and procurement strategies.”

Seda Çınar
Budgeting & Planning, Senior Specialist

"From a broader perspective, Getron Services help businesses throughout their decision-making processes. That can be the whole inventory planning and optimization process: Automating the right products, placing them at the right places, at the right time, with the right assortment and quantities via AI. They also allow you with the insights into present or probable problems and recommend direct work-orders - which is very critical as competition never sleeps. Their services run fast and are all very user-friendly. They constantly develop their services as part of the SaaS business model. The team is truly agile and knowledgeable: We can easily adapt the services whenever we change a strategy. 

Getron Services

Prescriptive Stock Transactions

Inventory Optimization via Replenishment & Allocation

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Action Recommended Entities

Optimizing Markdown & Repeat Purchasing & Delisting


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Predictive Business Diagnostics

KPI-based product and store analysis


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Prescriptive Cost + Pricing

Actionable recommendations by forecasting cost, demand & price simultaneously

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