How we handle data

We have data at the heart of our business. To ensure smooth operations with maximum data security, we lay down the fundamentals of our data strategy.

Getron AI Services requires minimum upkeep and human intervention.  It eliminates the need to gather a team of data scientists, does not have downtime, does not require constant maintenance nor relies on rules or cutoff points to produce decisions.

Unique Data Structure: Getron transforms data to process and store in its own format called Getron Data Structure (GDS). This unique format includes the abstraction of the data, and it enables Getron AI Services to perform better on the cloud and brings data safety. The Abstraction layer makes the data versatile and compatible with external data sources. With versatility and cloud performance, Getron AI Services becomes cost-effective.

Getron AI Services is based on Getron Data Structure and MS Azure Platform and provides all security and performance benefits of Microsoft Azure such as:

Requiring all users to register for Azure AD Multi-Factor Authentication

Requiring administrators to do multi-factor authentication

Requiring users to do multi-factor authentication when necessary

Blocking legacy authentication protocols

Protecting privileged activities like access to the Azure portal

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