Getron OMP - Order Management & Planning

Order Workflow Management & Planning

Seamlessly collects & orchestrates order management and planning business workflows.

Getron OMP generates AI-powered demand quantity recommendations to increase related KPIs including fill rates.

Increase your inventory visibility with Getron AI Services and manage your collected orders to optimize your products in your supply chain.


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Main Features

  • Order Collection

  • Order Workflow Management

  • AI Based Replenishment Management

  • Third Party Notifications

  • Getron App & Mass Customization Interface

Sub Features

Order Collection

  • Third party order integration with Getron Order EDI format
  • Placing orders via Web Application
  • Collecting orders via files and OCR support
  • Quick order placing with templates
  • Validation layer of Order EDI
  • Restricting and filtering order quantities by Business Rules

Sub Features

Order Workflow Management

  • Batch/Product based status tracking
  • Order quantity revision management based on permissions
  • Order approval layers based on Business Rules
  • Managing and resetting backorder quantities
  • Order EDI Integration with Customer ERP
  • Tracking and management based on order packaging

Sub Features

AI Based Replenishment Management

  • Built-in native integration with Getron PST
  • Comparing & managing the collected orders with Getron’s AI-powered multi-model demand forecasts
  • Distribution according to the determined stock amount
  • Distribution according to the estimated order quantity by selecting the target stock cover
  • Displaying and distribution of order or backorder quantities based on product or location
  • Visualization of sales, stock, order, and backorder data

Sub Features

Third Party Notifications

  • Customized status tracking notifications
  • Shipment information data integration with logistics service providers
  • Shipment notification to distributors, dealers, and warehouses

Sub Features

Getron App & Mass Customization Interface

  • Managing the business rules and policies of your supply chain operations with no-code
  • Supervising the fundamental configurations and parameters of Getron AI Services
  • Role & permission management for all layers
  • Data visualization & Service Insights
  • Direct integration of Getron AI Services’ work orders to customer ERP
  • Access to raw data, time series data, and data management panel


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