Getron ARE - Action Recommended Entities

Optimizing Markdown, Repeat Purchasing & Delisting

Manages products' dynamic pricing, optimal warehouse quantities and delisting recommendations through AI algorithms.

Getron ARE optimizes the price levels to increase the demand for slow-moving items and provides the right stock levels.


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Main Features

  • Warehouse Inventory Optimization Management 

  • Order Quantity Management

  • Price Optimization

  • Delisting Recommendations
  • Getron Web Application & Mass Customization Interface

Sub Features

Warehouse Inventory Optimization Management

  • Maintaining minimum (safety) stock levels
  • Computing optimal purchase work order quantities
  • Ability to manage optimal stock level of products with irregular demand via Order Fill Rate
  • Optimization based on order/sales data, in-transit stock, open order (backorder), and supply time
  • Correcting the impact of products with extreme demand and those in campaigns
  • Multi-warehouse support
  • Lead time computing

Sub Features

Order Quantity Management

  • Creation of purchase work orders that comply with the defined transportation unit (bag quantity, parcel etc.)
  • Defining minimum and maximum order quantities
  • Order quantity optimization based on order and stock retention costs
  • Limiting order quantities by product price
  • Product segment/rank identification and brand-based management
  • Assigning the target KPIs at any level of the product hierarchy

Sub Features

Price Optimization

  • Demand forecasting-driven price optimization for slow-moving items
  • Discount/Campaign optimization and recommendation based on gross margin, revenue, or destocking strategies
  • Sales-targeted price optimization within the planned product life cycle
  • Optimal price level recommendation based on the customer price architecture
  • Management of the terminal stock for campaign recommendations
  • Modelling elasticity of demand & promotional campaigns

Sub Features

Delisting Recommendations

  • Delisting recommendations for not-in-demand products despite price discounts

Sub Features

Getron Web Application & Mass Customization Interface

  • Managing the business rules and policies of your supply chain operations with no-code
  • Supervising the fundamental configurations and parameters of Getron AI Services
  • Role & permission management for all layers
  • Data visualization & Service Insights
  • Direct integration of Getron AI Services’ work orders to customer ERP
  • Access to raw data, time series data, and data management panel

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