What do you gain from partnering with us?

We deliver seamless automation in AI, proven ROI+, and exceptional customer experiences in the supply chain.

The differentiating strength of Getron AI Services arises from being an AI-powered system compared to rule-based systems. Diverting from conventional inventory management logic and methodologies, Getron's MCI stands out being a data-driven enhanced AI solution, with the following components of intelligence:

  1. Collect: Collect the data required in an automated way
  2. Cognize: Learn from the collected data using the enhanced ML algorithms
  3. Act: Find the optimal action out of various alternatives
  4. Explain: Employing xAI (Explainable AI) to explain why the user should take the specific action along with its consequences to reach success. 

Partnering with us means immediately benefiting from the 20-year-long Getron experience among various industries. The results and impact of Getron AI Services will be easily seen through multiple important KPIs to you.

Getron AI Services



Improve by 10% - 20%

Stock Cover

Decrease by 30% - 50%

Lost Sales

Decrease by 10% - 45%

Sales to Stock Ratio

Increase by 20% - 30%

Dead Stock

Decrease by 10% - 30%

Inventory Turnover

Improve by 10% - 25%

Sales to Work Orders Ratio

Success between 70% - 86%

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