What do you gain from partnering with us?

We deliver seamless automation in AI, proven ROI+, and exceptional customer experiences in the supply chain.

The differentiating strength of Getron Services arises from being an AI-powered system compared to the rule-based systems. Diverting from conventional inventory management logic and methodologies, Getron's MCI stands out being a data driven enhanced AI solution, with the following components of intelligence:

  1. Collect: Collect the data required in an automated way
  2. Cognize: Learn from the collected data using the enhanced ML algorithms
  3. Act: Find the optimal action out of various alternatives
  4. Explain: Employing xAI (Explainable AI) to explain why the user should take the specific action along with its consequences to reach success. 

Partnering with us means immediately benefiting from the 20 year long Getron experience among various industries. The results and impact of Getron Services will be easily seen through multiple important KPIs to you.

Getron Services



Improve by 10% - 20%

Stock Cover

Decrease by 30% - 50%

Lost Sales

Decrease by 10% - 45%

Sales to Stock Ratio

Increase by 20% - 30%

Dead Stock

Decrease by 10% - 30%

Inventory Turnover

Improve by 10% - 25%

Sales to Work Orders Ratio

Success between 70% - 86%

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