Getron AI Services by Industries

With two decades of accumulated know-how, Getron AI Services taps a range of industries. Our main areas of focus are retail, energy, healthcare, automotive, and manufacturing. 

Thanks to Getron's Mass Customization Interface (MCI) and the unique Getron Data Structure (GDS), Getron AI Services are both customizable to all companies' specific needs and scalable regardless of your company size, varying from SMBs to enterprises. 

We are eager to spread to new territories, so if your industry is not listed on this page, just book a meeting or contact us. We're happy to discuss any future collaborations.


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Optimize and automate your inventory transactions via various work orders

Retail is detail and competition is tough. The era of AI forces companies towards digital transformation. With retail-focused Getron AI Services, you can liberate yourself from manual tasks and gut feeling. 

  • Optimize your inventory via replenishment, allocation, and other types of stock transfers
  • Increase availability with optimum product assortment & consolidated fragmentation
  • Define and manage your product life cycle according to your business needs
  • Manage complex recipient and sender network nodes (warehouses, stores, e-com, vendors, etc.)
  • Ensure high sensitivity to special events, campaigns, and seasonality to cover full demand
  • Maximize revenue through optimized discount/markdown, repeat purchasing & delisting
  • Enjoy decision making backed with warehouse inventory optimization, order quantity management, lead-time computing, and price recommendations covering uncertainties & campaigns

Make the journey of your product fully visible with serialization and PLC tracking

Listed among the booming industries to watch in 2020s, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are expected to keep an increasing revenue rate around 6% till 2030s. The fierce competition coupled with technological threats that may disrupt the trend, the global leaders of healthcare and pharma are deepening and broadening their digital transformation projects.

  • Track and trace your product throughout your varying supply chain nodes
  • Digitally manage, validate & report your automated business flows
  • Manage & collect orders from wholesalers, pharmacies, and other third parties
  • Get KPI insights through multi-KPI computation at different hierarchy levels
  • Ex-factory planning with demand forecasting, including quantities and pricing

Master Your Supply Chain in Merchandising with AI & ML

Generating allocation and replenishment work orders from and to sales nodes, Getron AI Services aims to boost product availability, to decrease lost sales & lost revenue by eliminating dead and obsolete inventory in the manufacturing industry. Incorporating irregular demand patterns into complex supply chain scenarios, Getron AI Services helps you in your decision-making by giving you actionable recommendations and insights. You can manage and collect orders master your KPIs, and take preemptive pricing actions, as well. 

  • Act upon actionable recommendations and insights by simultaneously forecasting cost, demand & pricing
  • Decide on the best action by switching between what-if scenarios or setting any target
  • Maximize revenue through optimized markdown, repeat purchasing & delisting
  • Supply planning and management
  • Manage & collect orders from third parties
  • Digitally manage, validate & report your business flows

Transform the Future of Energy with the Future's Technology

The future is today, and the future's on-the-spotlight industry has been deepening its digitalization processes. The energy industry has been the heart of innovation and indispensable to humanity. Act today to lead the competition:

  • Manage, validate & report your business flows digitally
  • Automate your supply planning and management
  • Perform proactively with recommendations & insights by forecasting cost, demand & pricing simultaneously
  • Decide on the next best action by switching between what-if scenarios or set your own margin to track your path
  • Tag your products in supply chain
  • Manage & collect orders from third parties
  • Master your KPI insights

Maximize the Inventory Visibility and Facilitate Your Supply Chain Processes

  • Plan, manage, and optimize your inventory, by reducing operational escapes 
  • Optimize your decision making by discount/markdown, repeat purchasing/manufacturing, and delisting recommendations
  • Manage, validate & report your business flows through AI-powered automation
  • Track your products, plus manage & collect orders from third parties throughout your supply chain
  • Craft the competition via recommendations & insights by forecasting cost, demand & pricing simultaneously
  • Take the best action by switching between what-if scenarios or set your target margin