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What sort of investment do we need to make to start using your services?
System does not come with a cost of investment. Since services are offered through Saas / Paas methods, they do not have licensing and maintenance costs. System also works on cloud therefore it does not require additional hardware expenditure.
What do I need to do to start?
To start using Getron Services, you can begin by contacting our team and get detailed information. After an NDA, we will plan a workshop to study on transferring your data into Getron systems. After the data transfer, system will be able to quickly start and produce results.
What are the differences between your services and similar products?
Getron Services do not require lengthy integration and configuration periods. Getron Services go beyond traditional rule-based decision-making approaches relying on AI and ML algorithms and choose the best approach for your case. It differs from other platforms because it operates on the cloud and does not require any additional hardware. With the help of its unique data structure, Getron Services can operate faster by consuming less resources.
Can your services run on-premise?
Getron Services perform beyond the limitations of any on-premise setup therefore it only operates on the cloud.
Can I use a demo version?
Getron Services are constantly developing running platforms that takes advantage of experiences gained from multiple sectors. It can go beyond the limitations of a demo version by providing a pilot study that simulate the real operations with real customer data.
Do you offer a pilot study?
We offer a pilot phase according to customer needs, with real customer data, live that simulates real operations.
How much historical data do you need?
System can operate on little data and feed its ML algorithms thanks to its experiences and advanced features. Parties can agree on the length of the historical data according to the needs and the quality of the data. In order to best predict the effect of seasonality, a history of two years is recommended.
How we handle your data?
With data at the heart of our business, Getron strives to ensure smooth operations with the maximum data security, minimum upkeep, and human intervention. This eliminates the need for a team of data scientists, downtime, constant maintenance requirements and also it does not rely on rules or cutoff points to produce decisions. Getron Services is based on a unique data architecture called Getron Data Structure (GDS) and MS Azure Platform, providing all security and performance benefits of Microsoft Azure.
What do you gain from partnering with us?
Services divert from conventional approaches as it allows for mass customization through its unique Mass Custpmization Interface (MCI). The MCI is a data driven enhanced AI solution, collecting data automatically, learning from that via machine learning algorithms, acting on that to find optimal action alternatives, and explaining the reasons for each action it recommends. Benefitting form state-of-art technology and 20-year long experience, Getron Services ensure you surpass many of your KPIs, and most importantly, get your ROI in just two months and start earning by the third month. For more details please go to
What are the hardware requirements?
System does not require additional hardware as it operates solely on the cloud.
Can we import existing datasets into the system?
Users can easily import data to the system with provided data management interface.
Who would be responsible for the data transfer?
We believe data responsibility should be on the owner of the data. However, our Customer Success team will always be with you along the data management process.
How do we manage data integration?
Getron has system-to-system integration capabilities and data import schemas for this purpose. Therefore, data can easily be imported to the system and managed. User can fill simple tables, but system will transform them to its own unique format and access it when needed.
How do we manage business rules / policies?
Business rules/ policies can easily be managed through simple interfaces provided by Getron.
Can we make a pilot focusing on a particular location or product?
The scope of the pilot can be limited to location and product, or it can cover the entire operation.
With which ERP systems can Getron integrate?
Integration with majority of ERP systems. While it is compatible with major players in the market, it is also capable of being in tune with the systems of customers’ choice due to its unique data structure.
Can we integrate the work orders you produce to our own ERP software?
The outputs can easily be accessed through Getron web interface, and they can easily be downloaded in a format that is compatible with your ERP software. The data flow can be designed bidirectionally and Getron outputs can flow into the middleware.
Can you generate order export files that are compatible with our own ERP software?
System can generate order export files that are compatible with any ERP software.
Can you send notifications?
System can send notifications via email.
How does pricing work?
Pricing depends on the SKU and location count, the required service, and its frequency.
Does pricing change with the number of users?
There are default user counts under all services. Additional users can easily be defined, and parties can agree on user count-based pricing.
How do users connect to the app?
Users can access all apps and reports by logging in through Getron interface with the credentials provided.
Can users see different pages after login?
Logged in users can see different pages.
Can you provide role-based authorization?
System users can have different authorization levels.
Do you have multi-platform support (mobile, desktop, etc.)?
Getron outputs can be accessed through all mobile or desktop platforms.
What is the method for adding more products and locations?
With the system-to-system integration, system will be capturing new product and location information as they occur.
How do we determine the service we need?
The choice of services can be determined through interactions with your teams and combining with the expertise of Getron that is gained across multiple sectors.
Why and how is this affordable?
Getron Systems are scalable and does not require minimum customization/personalization. It does not require project and project teams to get going. It is indifferent to sector and product and work on the cloud with no additional hardware cost.
Can we integrate the work orders you produce to our own ERP software?
The outputs can easily be accessed through Getron web interface, and they can easily be downloaded in a format that is compatible with your ERP software. The data flow can be designed bidirectionally and Getron outputs can flow into the middleware.