Last week with Getron

Keep up with the future: The unveiling

Last week was remarkable both for Getron and for the entire humanity. We spent hours in online and face to face events to witness the expanding of life if not no exaggerate.

The first event was MS Dynamics365 + CoPilot Launch gathering, that took place at Microsoft Türkiye’s headquarters. The venue was abuzz with anticipation, with guests from various type of business partners including startups.

Microsoft takes pride in Dynamics 365 Copilot one of its kind, aiming to transform every layer of business. That being said, Copilot is a next-gen product that can both be integrated with CRM and ERP to provide AI-powered support in various business functions. The talented AI provides businesspeople with more time and energy by automating mundane and repetitive tasks, leaving happy employees having more time to focus on what they can do best.

Later, the same day MS Build 2023 kicked off with the inspirational opening keynote by Satya Nadella, Chairman & CEO of Microsoft. The two-day developers’ event introduced the next-gen developments throughout Microsoft and the product family.

The main theme was again how AI is revolutionizing the way we work and how it is incorporated into our everyday lives to make things easier. Microsoft is now releasing its first ever AI assistant, the Copilot on multiple platforms ranging from Windows 11 to Edge, the 365 apps, and to GitHub. AI will be touching our lives through Teams’ messaging extensions, PowerPlatform connectors, and ChatGPT integrations. Bing has already been integrated the ChatGPT experience, now whatever you search for, you’ll be assisted by a chatbot. Finally, Microsoft Fabrics seems to place itself as the one-stop solution for any company’s data & analytics requirements.

While emphasizing increased security and being part of the ongoing debates on rules and regulations to govern the realms of AI, the main takeaways from the two-day event has been that AI, namely the Copilot, will be dominating each Microsoft app we have been using. Automatizing mundane and repetitive work will benefit many of us by sparing invaluable time and effort for more complex, conscious, and wisdom requiring tasks.

Last event of the week was Marketing Türkiye’s B2B Marketing & Management Summit Online. With this year’s theme “New Expansions in Value Chain”, Türkiye’s biggest event aiming for B2B industry was marked by eight different but inherently connected subthemes, such as employee experience, value chain, digital transformation, corporate sustainability, and governance in B2Bs. Though the digital transformation was the hot topic, nearly all the industry leaders agreed on the impact of employee experience on that of the customer satisfaction. This in turn raises the question of hard vs soft skills to be present within companies.

Ending a fully packed week, the questions remain in our heads: How can we work towards the betterment of employee experience to ensure customer satisfaction? In which parts of that journey can we add AI as a game changer?

Tell us what you think, and let’s talk about things we can accomplish by joining forces.