Baltika Group

"Throughout 90 years of experience, we have developed from a manufacturer to a brand house, and in the process we have become a leading fashion design enterprise in the Baltic region."

“With a heritage of nearly a century, Baltika has a long tradition of creative collaboration. Our partnership with Getron dates to 2018; global events since then have been turbulent, with Baltika going through structural revisions even before the outbreak of the pandemic. But working with AI-powered Getron Services, we were able to automate our supply chain transactions, leading to a 12% increase in product availability and service levels above 92% in brick and mortar. Required manpower and work hours have decreased by 80%, allowing us to channel energy for new projects and innovation elsewhere. Despite lockdowns and other restrictions, Getron Services helped us recalibrate our position for the post-pandemic era!”

Brigitta Kippak

Chief Operating Officer, Baltika Group