"Established in 1923, Danish sports brand hummel has a long history within the international sportswear industry. Headquartered in Aarhus, Denmark the hummel mission is to CHANGE THE WORLD THROUGH SPORT based on a unique Company Karma philosophy that strives to balance running a profitable business, while maintaining a high degree of social responsibility. hummel designs, produces and markets high quality clothes and sports equipment, as well as fashion and leisure sportswear for both adults and children. "

"Getron Services project is one of the great milestones for our company. We decided on Getron’s AI automation service, Getron PST as it allows for tracking each store and each SKU. Both Getron and hummel project teams have the utmost support and collaboration from all store managers throughout the project. Now we have the stock transaction work orders ready for us, based on demand driven forecasts. The right quantities of the right products are on the right places at the right time – one of the most crucial operations in retail. Managing it precisely with AI, the dead inventory has been decreasing and product availability is increasing, which are being followed by increase in revenue. Getron PST has been a real AI navigator and we had such a smooth, pleasant, and fun process so we have already begun to discuss how we can implement more Getron Services." 
Fatoş Yakut
Head of Retail Buying & Merchandise, hummel Europe South