"Exporting all the products it manufactures in international standards and providing significant foreign currency flow, İzocam exports to 46 countries. It is currently the leading isolation company in our country with its wide range of products and technical consultancy services that offer protection against heat, cold, noise, fire and water. It meets its customers’ demands and expectations in a timely and environmentalist manner in accordance with globalizing world standards."

“Getron PRIX has been a true game-changer for us. Just like other manufacturers in various industries operating internationally, our challenge was to keep up with the fast-changing competition, rising costs, and the global crises in economy and SCM. Incorporating multiple variables such as demand forecasting, cost of factor, inflation, currency exchange, price elasticity, and such, Getron PRIX has become a major player in our team not only by giving us suggestions but also allowing us to compare between what-if scenarios. The price suggestions are explained with the underlying rationale, which provides you with insight. Shifting between scenarios, or setting a target margin, we have been able to respond proactively to changing trends and demand, make more precise pricing which naturally drives more profit. Using Getron Prix has given us a significant edge over our global competition. And as Getron says in their motto, it is definitely “AI made easy”.

Erdal Bozok

Sales & Marketing Director, İzocam