Marubeni Dağıtım ve Servis

Marubeni Dağıtım ve Servis is the distributor of many global brands in Turkey, depending on the Japan-based Marubeni Corporation, the world’s leading trade and investment company.Marubeni Dağıtım ve Servis, which maintains the sales and after-sales services of the Komatsu, Volvo Trucks, Dieci, Crown, Komatsu Joy and Montabert brands, each a pioneer in its own field, also provides second-hand buying, selling and renting of construction machinery and trucks with the Platinum used brand. Marubeni Dağıtım ve Servis has more than 50 authorized dealers and service points in Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia.

“For our digitalization project plans as Temsa İş Makinaları (Marubeni Dağıtım ve Servis), we met Getron in 2019. Thanks to the ARE service offered by Getron, we have learned that in addition to facilitating the ordering processes and ARE service can also increase our visibility in the supply chain. We have also succeeded in simplifying spare parts ordering processes for Volvo Trucks by immediately incorporating ARE service into our inventory process. Those improvements also add value to our efficiency and support our digitalization transferences. In a short time, we achieved the targeted product availability improvement. At the same time, we made reasonable improvements by increasing our service levels and we run our business periods with more accurate data and much faster than previously. Getron support team contains well-educated people. And with their efforts, we are obviously on board 24/7 and implementation periods finalized in such a short period.”

Melis Gürsoy

Supply Chain Group Manager, Marubeni Dagıtım ve Servis A.S.