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We believe that data, in and of itself, has neither function nor meaning.  Data can only be converted to action when rendered intelligent and manageable

Every living or non-living thing in the world continuously generates data.  This data is useless until and unless it is processed and made intelligible.  Through rapid decision-making processes and proper algorithms, we have the capacity to transform data in this way, now.

We believe that the future belongs to companies which include Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in their applications

The devices we use are becoming wiser each day: we do not want the companies we grow with to fall behind this trend.

Usable data and data processing are developing in lockstep with this technology, and increasingly imperative that your company have at its disposal a continuously learning and intelligent assistant.

We believe in fast implementations, but not long-term projects

We believe that in today’s world, no serious company has the time and energy to spare for long project processes; efficient, immediate decision-making is critical to success.  Our services are designed to be at your disposal in a matter of days, not weeks.  A prime advantage of Getron Advisor is its capacity for timely integration, allowing for rapid maximization of untapped potential.

We believe in constant improvement and unrelenting optimization

We endeavor to develop software codes or algorithms in the most optimal fashion; however, we are always aware that the development process is never-ending. To this end we at Getron incorporate ever faster services, which in turn require less and less energy. We believe that the definition of Perfect is applicable only for today, and therefore seek to attain the Perfection of tomorrow.

We believe that knowledge is the result of continuous research

We deal with challenging problems; problems which can only be solved through continuous research and constant learning. Unceasing evolution and endless retrospection lie at the heart of our company’s work ethic.

We believe in the power of the Collective over the power of the individual

We offer Cloud-based services through Getron Advisor. Our objective is to have the same services used by multiple customers, allowing every user to benefit from development and error corrections equally.  This will lead to more intelligent, up-to-date services via the power of the collective to implement change.

We accept responsibility to, and for, our planet

We at Getron believe that on a crowded planet in a time of increasing market consolidation, global concerns must be given highest priority.  Using Getron Advisor, businesses will be able to manage their products based on more accurate and productive decisions, which will lead to less consumption of resources and less waste.  This will help lead to a cleaner, better planet for all of us.

We will not sacrifice ethical values and principles in the service of making a profit

Since our inception, we at Getron have pursued the highest ethical standards; our business practices are founded on impartiality, and will not be influenced by any particular group or set of ideas we deem contrary to them.  Naturally, Getron is a for-profit enterprise.  However, our fundamental humanitarian and ethical values will not be compromised, whether in the course of our professional activities or in pursuit of those profits.

We believe that our prime responsibility is to make your business more productive and profitable

When you decide to use Getron Advisor, it means that you have invested your trust in our company and our product.  From the outset on, you will become part of a cooperative team whose primary aim is to protect and maintain your business.  We want to make your business more profitable and more productive, just like you do.

We encourage a positive, fulfilling work atmosphere

It is a hallmark of modern life that more time is spent in the professional, rather than the private, realm.  Hence, business relationships and a collegial work environment are of the utmost importance to us at Getron.  It is vital that our employees enjoy their work, as only employees glad to work with us will be glad to work for you.

We believe that the best place to do business is right next to your customer

Typically, employees in this sector are accustomed to working in isolation.

We at Getron, however, strive to spend considerable time with our customers: we have the most to learn from you.