Last Week With Getron

29 May, 2023


Last week was remarkable both for Getron and for the entire humanity. We spent hours in online and face to face events to witness the expanding of life if not no exaggerate.

Within the ever-evolving landscape of technology, artificial intelligence (AI) has been raising the bar for a while in terms of how we live, work, communicate, and create. Putting aside the numerous AI tools developed and marketed every day, last week we primarily focused on how Microsoft’s advances are about to shift the way we work.

Welcome To The New Age

22 May, 2023


From Descartes’ automata to the Turing Test, and today’s CAPTCHA*, many have focussed on how we can define “the intelligence” and compare it amongst the living and the non-humans. The debate has certainly gone beyond being a mere philosophical exercise evolving into a scientific query and here we are at the era of AI. 

As expected, the accumulated knowledge blended with the technological advances turned the evolution into a revolution. The future is nearing faster than time as the unprecedented machine capabilities are being employed to create new ones in such a fashion that no one has ever imagined.

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